「INC x Singha」

Since 2018, INC distribution Co, Ltd. became an authorized distributor of Thailnad famous beer company Singha in Taiwan region.We imported and released U beer and Singha-Soda which are very popular product among the Singha line up. Singha Soda is well loved by cocktail bar.

Singha is a venerable beer brand also recognized in the Thai royal family and is said to be occupying 60% in the Thai beer market, the group’s business categories include more than 50 businesses, food, agriculture, real estate industry, fashion, and so on. They have developed various businesses.

U beer will be for young generation brand in the Singha products which we retail. We are very pruod to be a partner as distributor. We will try to make U beer and Singha soda more popular in Taiwan. Also in the Japanese market, we are collaborating on branding with exhibition support at the event.

We would be pleased if you would like us to consult our company once in the process of developing product sales in Asia.We will support you through overseas expansion, so please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

Thank you.


Please contact INC Holdings Business Development for more details.